The DIRT for Sep 3-7, 2018

School in Italy Pre-Immersion Learning: Phase 2

Written by Sonja Burrows

The Office of Digital Learning and Inquiry is delighted to join forces once again with Middlebury’s School in Italy to further develop a pre-immersion learning space for incoming students readying to study abroad in Italy. Pre-immersion learning refers to preparatory learning that students undergo prior to beginning their immersive language-learning experiences at Middlebury’s domestic locations or abroad, and includes activities such as survival language-learning, cultural preparations, and geographic/programmatic orientation. All of these learning tools are specifically designed to help language students augment and extend their language-learning experiences at Middlebury’s programs by starting the learning process before their program of study officially begins.

Two years ago, our office partnered with the School in Italy in creating Middlebury’s first-ever pre-immersion language-learning website built on Middcreate, which helped many students prepare to study abroad in Florence. Since first launching this learning site, DLINQ has partnered with numerous other schools abroad and language schools in creating similar pre-immersion learning spaces for incoming language students. Now, we are happy to partner once again with the School in Italy to augment their existing learning space in developing a “phase 2” suite of new pre-immersion learning supports, such as: a custom interactive map of Florence, student testimonials from alumni to support incoming students, a communication space for present and past students, an updated site navigation system and visual design, and more.

We invite you to visit our work in progress and look forward to continuing to support these developments for Middlebury’s School in Italy. Benvenuti!

Welcome Students!

Written by Evelyn Helminen

Fall term is here and DLINQ looks forward to working with students as they begin (or continue) their life as a Middlebury student. DLINQ can help students learn how to use digital tools in a way that advances their career goals and supports their education at Middlebury.

We have published a blog post for students that points to tools and resources. It includes a quick reference guide, and a link to the “Tool Shed”—a set of resources designed especially for the Middlebury community, including a section on “Informational Resources” for information around digital privacy and building your online presence.

See the blog post, “Digital Resources for Middlebury Students,” for some of the common digital resources that Middlebury students use.


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