This Week in DLINQ: March 26-30, 2018

Amy Collier visits Monterey campus

Amy Collier is visiting the Institute campus in Monterey this week. At the Monterey DLINQ staff meeting, she shared her inspiration behind her recent research on Information Environmentalism and future goals for the movement. She referenced Mike Caulfield’s work on the subject, and makes the distinction between misinformation – information that, while incorrect or misleading, is not intentionally misguided – and disinformation – influencing people with false information or twisted versions of the truth (in other words, propaganda). In this blog post, Amy discusses four tips to stop the spread of disinformation.Information Environmentalism 101 event at Monterey

On Thursday, MIIS community members can participate in Amy’s Information Environmentalism 101 learning session, “De-Polluting the Web” and learn how to take action against the spread of mis/disinformation on digital platforms. Visit this page for more information or to sign up to attend. Spots are limited.

Read more about Information Environmentalism at DLINQ here.


DLINQ guest speaker for “Communication in a Changing World” course

Evelyn Helminen, Assistant Director for Digital Initiatives at DLINQ, spoke to Professor Andrea Olsen’s class, “Communication in a Changing World” this week. Evelyn shared information about exploring your digital footprint, and creating your personal and professional presence online. Her goal was to help the students make smart and conscious decisions about how to approach the assignment of making a website for class, by critically looking at their digital footprint, becoming aware of the traces they leave as they surf and interact online, and learning some ways to take back control of their online presence.

To build on this talk, Evelyn will lead a workshop on setting up a WordPress website on sites DOT on Thursday. She will teach the basics of setting up a WordPress site, including 15 easy ways to make your site look professional even if you’re just a beginner. The workshop is open to everyone at MIIS and will be held on Thursday, March 29 from 2:00 – 3:00 PM Pacific time in the DLC Design Space.


‘New Realities’ Community of Interest Kick-Off Meeting

Tilt Brush 3D visualizationOn Tuesday, March 20th Joe Antonioli, DLINQ Curricular Innovation Specialist, convened a kick-off meeting for a community of interest with a focus on Middlebury’s emerging ventures into new realities—specifically virtual reality. Early explorations of the affordances of virtual reality for teaching and learning have been under way at Middlebury, VT and Monterey, CA campuses using the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive consoles. For example, last Fall at the undergraduate college, Patricia Saldarriaga’s 1500A Spanish class explored theories and representations of “apocalyptic imagination” across many forms of media, including virtual reality. For their final project, students used Google Tiltbrush and Blocks to create immersive 3D representations to reflect their studies. At the Institute in Monterey, DLINQ staff recently completed a year long Fund for Innovation supported exploration of virtual reality viewing and authoring tools with a focus on the potential for immersive language and culture learning. The kick off meeting brought together faculty and fellows representing a variety of levels of experience and academic programs from across Middlebury including: Nonproliferation Studies from the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation at the Institute, Hebrew studies from the School of Hebrew, International Environmental Policy studies from the Center for the Blue Economy in Monterey, Music from the College’s Music Department, and social entrepreneurship from the Institute’s Development Policy and Practice program. The group shared their interests in VR, digital immersion, and simulation and discussed how we might continue to support further explorations of these tools and environments for teaching and learning.

Contact Joe Antonioli jantonio@middlebury.edu if you are interested in joining the virtual and new realities conversation.

Photo by Gus Moretta on Unsplash

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