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JUNE Reading & Social Annotation Group: Blurred Experiences: The Undefined Contours of Student Learning in Online Environments MORE INFO

JUNE 12 Summer Faculty Online Drop-In Q&A Session MORE INFO

JUNE 20 Summer Faculty Online Drop-In Q&A Session MORE INFO

JULY 1 Summer Faculty Online Drop-In Q&A Session MORE INFO

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We have experts in instructional design & pedagogy, multimedia, blogging & web tools, animation, learning space design, and more. Request a consultation if you have questions about integrating digital tools into your class, or if you want to explore pedagogical opportunities that involve digital practices and spaces. A consultation is the best way to get started with DLINQ, especially if you're interested in doing a project with us.


What is Pre-immersion?

At Middlebury, we ask language learners to speak, live, and even dream in their chosen language. Students immerse themselves in…

What is MiddCreate?

I am sometimes asked the following questions about Middlebury’s MiddCreate project: What is it? How is it different from our hosted blog environment, sites.middlebury or sites.miis? and Why…

Podcasts for educators

My name is Amy and I am a podcast addict. Feels good to admit it. I listen to podcasts when I’m…