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Canvas is Middlebury’s learning management system, and is used widely by faculty and students. Faculty who choose to use the platform can provision Canvas sites via Course Hub. Please note that Canvas sites are not created automatically.

Canvas allows you to:

  • Conduct online, asynchronous discussions with your students;
  • Collect assignments, provide feedback, and post grades;
  • Post links; upload documents, videos, audio files, and more;
  • Post deadlines and reminders through the calendar and announcements;
  • Manage group work assignments;
  • Integrate video conferencing with individual students, a whole class, or guest speakers;
  • Communicate easily with the whole class, specific groups, or individual students.


All Middlebury faculty, students, and staff can log into Canvas using their Middlebury credentials (just your username and password—no need for the entire email address unless you’re using a Middlebury guest account).

Logging into your account:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Middlebury credentials

You can also access Canvas from your mobile devices via the Canvas app:

Step-by-Step Instructions


Canvas Commons & Canvas Templates

The Canvas Commons streamlines sharing and replicating learning activities through Canvas. With Commons, you can share the resources you create in Canvas with other Middlebury faculty. When you share a resource to the Commons, no student data will be included. Your colleagues can then download that content and use it in their own Canvas sites. You can share different levels of resources to the Commons, including:

  • a cool homepage you designed
  • an assignment with specific settings your colleagues might want to replicate
  • your entire course

If you don’t want to to design your Canvas site from scratch, a number of templates are available to you via the Commons. To learn more about the Canvas Commons and how to use it, see this resource.

Sample Canvas Site

Designing Homepages in Canvas

Please feel free to browse this site as a student:
INTD 0254A: Sample Site

Contact us if you would like to have access to the site as a teacher.

Self-paced Canvas Learning Resources

Student Orientation to Canvas

  • This self-guided Canvas course is designed to help Middlebury students get to know Canvas. While Instructure—the makers of Canvas LMS—provides guides for Canvas users (both instructors and learners), this course provides a step-by-step tour of the most common learning management features.

Faculty Introduction to Teaching with Canvas

  • Follow this link to login to Middlebury Canvas and access this self-guided resource with a focus on teaching in the Canvas environment. Working through this Canvas resource is highly recommended for all faculty new to the platform. For those interested in Canvas’ pedagogical affordances, check out this blogpost.
  • Follow this link to access a library of video tutorials for Canvas for faculty and students. (Student videos can be helpful to see what your student will see based on different configurations in Canvas and can serve as support for questions they might have.)

Canvas Support Documentation & Resources offered by Instructure

Troubleshooting & Help

For faculty tech support/trouble shooting, please refer to Instructure’s 24/7 phone [+1-833-890-4166] and real-time chat support available to via the Help tab when logged into Canvas.

Additional resources include:

You can also contact us with questions and/or request a one-on-one consultation with a member of the DLINQ staff.

Permissions Student Observer TA Auxillary Grader Designer Teacher Assessment/Viewer
Add/remove other teachers, course designers, or TAs to the course X X X X X X
Add/remove students from the course X X X X
Manage course content X X X X
Post to discussions X
See a list of users X
View and Edit All Grades X X X
Send and Receive Notifications via Canvas X X