Project Description

Man seated in front of a computer, looking at the camera.

DLINQ’s Director of Digital Pedagogy & Media Dr. Sarah Lohnes Watulak published this paper in the Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education. Preparing future teachers to integrate technology into their teaching in ways that support transformative student learning is a priority for teacher preparation programs in the United States. However, technology instruction often focuses on functional technology skills, leading to ineffective future technology integration. This study examined two stand-alone educational technology courses that used the connected learning design framework to reimagine a digital storytelling unit as an authentic, production-centered task scenario with opportunities for peer support, social connection, shared expertise, and collaboration. Results suggest that the connected learning activity moved beyond functional skills in ways that opened up a space for preservice teacher agency through student choice, experimentation, and peer support.

Lohnes Watulak, S. (2018). Making space for preservice teacher agency through connected learning in preservice educational technology courses. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 34(3), 166-178. Retrieved from