Project Description

Nathalia Rio Preto

DLINQ-West Intern, Monterey

Expertise: • Canva • subtitling • desktop publishing

Campus: Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Office Location: Digital Learning Commons Lab

Nathalia Rio Preto is a first-year student at the Translation and Localization Management program. She was born and raised in the capital of Brazil, Brasilia, and has a BA and a specialization certificate in English <> Portuguese Translation and Interpreting. She also speaks Italian and thinks she speaks Spanish, as Brazilians usually do. She is a professional translator, certified by the National Authority for Translators and Interpreters of Australia, and interpreter who has been working on the field for the past 14 years and has accumulated experiences interpreting in several different settings, from high-level government meetings to human rights missions in riverside communities in the hinterlands of the Amazon and major gaming events.

She is really interested in technology, how it affects our relationships and how we perceive reality and truth. She is also a solo mom who wants to be a part of the change to make the world a better place for new generations to live in.