Project Description


The Perusall integration for Canvas allows students to collaboratively annotate uploaded texts, webpages, textbooks, and video. The annotation interface allows for annotation using comments, tags, and anonymous annotation. Perusall integrates with the Canvas gradebook and annotation assignments can be graded using Speedgrader.


The Perusall LTI app is already installed in your Canvas course. To use the Perusall app, go to your Settings > Navigation tab in your Canvas site, and drag and drop Perusall in the course navigation to make it visible. It is hidden by default.

Links to Instructions

To learn more about teaching with the Perusall LTI, schedule a consultation with DLINQ

Student data use

When Perusall is integrated with your LMS, the LMS sends Perusall information about the user and course at launch time. As per their website, Perusall uses the following information from the LMS:

“User information

  • Internal identifier
  • User role in course
  • Name (first, last, full)
  • E-mail address
  • Profile image (if any)

Course information

  • Internal identifier
  • Course name
  • Assignment name, if applicable
  • Grade passback information, if applicable

Security for Personal Information

Access to student and instructor information is tightly controlled to comply with standard practice and applicable laws. Conversations inside the platform are made public to other members of the corresponding course (much in the same way in-class discussions would be public) but student grades are only made visible to the instructor (and the applicable student). When the instructor configures it, Perusall may be integrated into an institution’s Learning Management System (LMS), and when the LMS supports it the Perusall gradebook can be automatically synced back to the LMS in a secure manner. Except for the LMS and the use of Twitter, Google, or Facebook accounts to log into Perusall, Perusall’s authentication system is kept separate from all other related systems, including Perusall’s support and payment systems.”

Additional Security Practices

How students can access and retain content contained in the tool

Students can download their own comments as a document or spreadsheet as well — under My Scores there is a download button next to each assignment.