Project Description


ThingLink is a web based image annotation/hot spot tool that allows students and faculty to share images with annotations embedded in the image. While there is an LTI with Canvas, there is limited interaction between the two tools. The ThingLink option on the Canvas menu bar will take the user to ThingLink where an account will automatically be generated for them, if one does not already exist. In addition, faculty can use the external tool option within Assignments in Canvas to link ThingLink assignments to a Canvas course. Please note, however, that this assignment link will only link to ThingLink in general. Students will still need to navigate to the appropriate course and assignment.


Faculty and students can auto generate ThingLink accounts by logging into ThingLink via the Canvas menu option on the left. Once logged in faculty will need to create a course and assignments. When a course is create a join code will be generated that is listed next to the Test Course title. Faculty will share this code with students to help them join the course once they have logged in to ThingLink.

Links to Instructions

For Students:

Important Note: If students are being asked to annotate an existing file, they will want to clone that file to submit the assignment. Students can do this by visiting the assignment, clicking on the media item, and then clicking the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and selecting “Clone”. They should then select the “Start Editing” button to begin annotating the cloned media item. From there students can tag the file appropriately and click Done to finish their work. Then see the “Turning in an assignment” instructions to complete the assignment.

Troubleshooting & Help

Known issues & quick fixes

How students can access and retain content contained in the tool

Through account settings students can choose to delete their accounts at ThingLink which will also delete all associated data with that account. According to ThingLink’s documentation: “Most of your data can be accessed or changed via Account settings.” See the link below for more details.

ThingLink privacy and compliance FAQ

ThingLink privacy policy

ThingLink Terms of Service