Project Description

Xiaofan Chen

DLINQ-West Intern, Monterey

Xiaofan Chen is an M.A. candidate in the Translation and Localization Management Program, specializing in English-Chinese translation. She was born in China and received her B.A. degree in English literature from Nanjing University. She speaks some French, and is also learning Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and German now (since this school has so many language talents to learn from!). Having lived in different cities (now countries) since she was 12, she is exposed to different cultures and enjoys meeting people coming from different backgrounds. She is interested in media production and would like to capture and recreate what she finds interesting through visual channels. Her experience in filmmaking inspires her to always expand her views, understand and respect how people conceptualize their world differently. Right now she is brushing up her graphic design skills, and learning programming and website tools.


Expertise: • video-shooting & editing • subtitling • website