Getting Started with Social Annotation

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What is online social annotation?

Through social annotation of online texts, readers share their thoughts about the text via marginal annotations, and discuss the annotations right there in the context of the original text. In doing so, the readers of the text add layers of new meaning and interpretation to the original text, and transform the text into a site of discussion.

We’ll be using Hypothes.is, an online platform for social annotation, to read and annotate online texts.

How do I get started?

To participate in social annotation using Hypothes.is…

  1. Sign up for a Hypothes.is account
  2. Get the Hypothes.is browser extension
  3. Navigate to the article you want to annotate
  4. Make sure you’re adding your annotations to the correct group (FAQ on annotation with groups)
  5. Read, highlight, annotate, and discuss!


Please reach out to us at dlinq@middlebury.edu


Join us for a Summer 2019 Online Learning Reading & Annotation Group

In June, July, and August 2019, we’ll be hosting annotations of articles related to teaching and learning online. This activity is an extension of the Teaching Online & Hybrid Conversation Series that took place during the 2018-2019 academic year. Anyone with an interest in teaching and learning online is welcome to join us!

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