BannerWeb for Instructors

BannerWeb allows faculty and advisers to access information from the student and course database to:

  • Access teaching schedule, course details, e.g., capacity, enrollment, waitlists
  • Obtain list of students in each course
  • View the web catalog for course information
  • Assign registration overrides and approvals during web registration
  • Report final grades to Registrar

Log in to BannerWeb

Access BannerWeb from Middlebury Home Page:  www.middlebury.edu, by selecting BannerWeb from the “Quick Links” in the bottom menu bar.  Or, enter the URL:  go.middlebury.edu/bw.

Then enter the Secure Area. You will be prompted for your User ID and PIN to enter the secure area.

What is my User ID?

Your User ID is your Middlebury ID number found on your ID/access card. If your Middlebury ID number is only 5 or 6 digits, you need to enter two or three leading zeroes when keying your ID so that your number is a total of 8 digits. For example: 00123456

What is my PIN?

Your pin is initially set to your date of birth (MMDDYY). You will be prompted to select a unique PIN once you have logged in:

You will also be asked to create a reminder question and answer to be used in the future should you forget your PIN.  This way, you can reset your PIN yourself if you forget.

If you incorrectly enter your User ID and PIN 5 times, you will be locked out, but the Helpdesk can reset your account for you. If you need PIN-related assistance, please contact the Helpdesk:

College / Schools: (802) 443-2200 or by email at helpdesk@middlebury.edu
Institute: (831) 647-6656 or by e-mail at helpdesk@miis.edu

Once you click “Submit”, you will enter the secured area where you will have access to your Faculty information as well as your Personal and Employee information.  For this reason, please keep your User ID and PIN confidential!

View Summary and Detailed Class Rosters

Select the Faculty and Advising link or use the Faculty Services Tab. 


You can view your course enrollments via “Detail Class List”, “Summary Class List”, or “Downloadable Class Roster.”

Term Selection

To Access your Class Rosters, you will need to pick the term and the course section. 

You can select the term you plan to work in at the beginning of your session, or the system will ask you which term when you choose other options within your BannerWeb-Faculty Services menu.



Middlebury Faculty will choose Terms that do not end in “- MIIS”. Faculty from the Institute will use the terms ending in “-MIIS”.



Course Reference Number (CRN) Selection

When you click on the Class List or Wait List links, you will be asked to select the course section/course reference number (CRN) of the course roster you wish to access. Only the courses for which you are assigned will be available in the drop down menu box for you to pick from.


Summary Class List

The Summary Class List provides 3 key pieces of information in a summary/efficient format:

  1. Your course attributes – Course number and section, CRN, Title, Timeframe, and Status
  2. Enrollment Counts – Maximum enrollment, Actual enrollment, and Seats Remaining
  3. Summary Class List – Student’s names and ID#’s, among other things.

Detail Class List:

The Detailed Class List provides similar course information along with the student’s program of study, Commons, and registration class standing. The Registration Number depicts the order in which the students in the class registered.

Downloadable Class Roster

Creates a convenient spreadsheet of students enrolled in your course for you to modify as needed. 

  1. Enter the 5 digit Course Reference Number (CRN) of the course you wish to view, or find the course by entering its subject code and number, and click on the Get Roster button.
  2. To export your list to an Excel Spread Sheet, click on DOWNLOAD CLASS ROSTER.

Email Students in Your Class

You may use the summary class list to access an e-mail list of your class. Click the “Email Class” link on the class list page to initiate an e-mail message with the class.

Report Grades to Registrar

Select the Faculty and Advising menu or use the Faculty Services Tab. 

The “GRADES” links will appear at the top of your Faculty & Advising menu. To enter grades for all students in your course:

  1. Click the “Grade Roster for ALL Students” link.
  2. Select a term.
  3. Select the CRN/Course you are grading
  4. Select a final grade for each student from the pull-down list in the Grade column – no blanks please!
  5. Choose “Submit” when you have selected a grade for every student. You may edit submitted grades until the grade entry deadlines.
  6. Once you submit your grades you will see the acknowledgement that they were saved successfully:

Return to the Main Faculty Services Menu using the tabs at the top and you will see another selection, “Faculty Grade Summary.” This will be your record of grades you entered and once we process them they will also appear in the far right column under “Grade in Academic History.”

If you want to select another roster to grade:

  • Use the “CRN Selection” link at the very bottom of the page to choose your next course.
  • OR, click on the “Course Reference Number” link from the Main Faculty Services Menu, select a new course to grade, and then pick the Grade Roster link when you return to the Main Menu.


Final reminders:

  • Notify registrar if a student is attending, but does not appear on your course roster.
  • Audit grades will appear but cannot be changed here.
  • Save your grade entries as you go as there is a 30 minute time-out.
  • You may edit submitted grades until the grade entry deadlines.

Contact the Registrar’s Offices: