DLINQ INTERN: Joint Master of Public Administration/Master of Arts in International Education Management (MPA/IEM) (Dec. ’19)

Language of Study: Mandarin Chinese

Email: cshepherd [at] middlebury [dot] edu

Location: Monterey Campus

Howdy! My name is Caitlin and I am in my second year as a MIIS student in the Public Administration and International Education Management program. With a multicultural upbringing and experience living abroad I am happy to be a student at MIIS, always surrounded by a globally-minded community. My main passion in life is education, cross-cultural exchange, and the holistic process of learning. My interests include exploring the intersection and interaction between analog & digital media, audio/visual mixed media production, and how these tools can be used in the context of educational settings. When I’m not at DLINQ or working on course work, you can find me painting, playing the guitar, biking along the coastal pathway, trying out a new recipe, or dancing barefoot in the forest somewhere!

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