Caleb Turner

DLINQ Intern: History & Religion (2020)

Caleb Turner ’20 has been working with Digital Media Services for over a year and a half as a Digital Media Tutor in Wilson Media Lab. Starting out as a trainee in Fall of 2016, Caleb began working as a Digital Media Intern this summer. Caleb is currently a rising junior majoring in History and Religion, and works with Multimedia/Curricular tech Heather Stafford. As a Digital Media Tutor, Caleb is tasked with assisting students in the Wilson Media Lab with their class or personal projects involving graphics, videos, audio, digitization, and printing among other things. Caleb typically works with Adobe software such as Photoshop, Premiere, and Illustrator. As an intern, Caleb works with professors and other faculty on creating or developing digital resources and platforms such as videos, WordPress pages, and event posters.

Caleb takes an interest into digital media software like Adobe because it can serve both functionally and as a creative outlet. Caleb is most eager to work with faculty in creating and improving resources and media that serve to improve instruction at Middlebury. In his free time, Caleb practices language learning and calligraphy, sketches, and designs posters and other graphics.

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