Canvas Commons

Canvas Commons

Canvas global navigation menuThe Canvas Commons streamlines sharing and replicating learning activities through Canvas. With Commons, faculty can share the resources they create in Canvas with other Middlebury faculty. When you share a resource to the Commons, no student data will be included. Your colleagues can then download that content and use it in their own Canvas sites. You can share different levels of resources to the Commons, including:

  • a cool homepage you designed
  • an assignment with specific settings your colleagues might want to replicate
  • your entire course

Access & Use

When you’re logged into Canvas, you can access the Commons by clicking the “Commons” button in the global navigation menu to the far left. To learn more about how to find Commons content, import Commons content into your course, and share your content to the Commons, see the Commons Guides. When you visit the Commons, you will see a number of template course sites, some of which were designed for specific Middlebury programs. All Middlebury faculty are welcome to use these templates and adapt them for their contexts.

When you share your content to the Commons, you’ll use a Creative Commons license to make it accessible to your colleagues. There are a number of licenses you can choose from, see this resource to learn how to select a license. Please note that, at this time, the Commons is only enabled at the institutional level. You will not be able to access content from other schools, or share your content beyond Middlebury. We recommend reviewing Middlebury’s intellectual property policy before selecting a license. Additionally, please remember that Middlebury’s copyright policies and guidelines still apply when using the Commons:

All users enrolled in a Canvas course as an instructor, TA, designer, or a custom role based on one of the previously listed roles can access the Commons.

Please note that the point of the Commons is sharing resources with other faculty. This is not the same thing as copying your old content for reuse in a course you are teaching. If you have content in a site from a previous term that you would like to use again, please refer to the “Copy Content from One Canvas Site to Another” section of this Canvas @ Middlebury resource.


For tech support/trouble shooting, please refer to the 24/7 phone and chat support available to you via the Help tab in Canvas.

For general questions about the Commons and how to use it, refer to the Commons Guides.

You can also contact us with questions.