Digital Learning Commons

The DLINQ staff and graduate assistants provide the MIIS community with expertise in media and technology. Our public computers run both MAC and PC operating systems. They are all connected to the Internet and loaded with applications such as: Adobe Photoshop & Indesign, iMovie, Garage Band, Camtasia, Keynote, Audacity, Prezi, Word, Excel, and more.

We can consult with you on a variety of topics including:

Multimedia Production Web Communication Curricular Technologies
  • Audio Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Photo Editing
  • Website Building
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Presentation Design
  • Course Hub
  • Canvas
  • Adobe Connect
  • WordPress
  • Camtasia

The Design Sp@ce

Our Design Sp@ce is available to reserve for classes, workshops, projects, and special events. Or if you need a quiet place to study, feel free to come by anytime and hang out with us and/or use our computers.

Sorry, we do not offer printing services. See Office Services for Printing. We also do not have equipment available for general use. See Media Services for equipment check-out.


Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm


Drop in if you have quick questions, if you want to practice using a particular piece of software, or if you are independently working on a project that you might need help with from time to time during the process.


Make an appointment if you prefer dedicated one-on-one time with a GA or staff member who has expertise in your area of need.

Where You Can Find Us

We are located at 420 Calle Principal, which is also McGowan 001. You can reach us by entering McGowan on Pacific Street and heading to the right (around the back of McGowan 102).

Or you can also enter at 420 Calle Principal, straight into the open teaching and learning area, which we call the Design or “D” Space. Learn more about the D Space here.