Digitizing Slides

Slide Digitization

Printable Guide for Digitizing Slides
  1.   Your slides should look like one of the following images:
  2.   Get an insert from the cabinet in the front left of the Wilson Media Lab

  1. Log in to the computer to which the scanner is attached. Scan the slides in the large-scale scanner in the Wilson Media Lab:

Settings on Image Capture

Go to Show Details and select: Scan Overview (wait)

-Scan Mode: Transparency Positive

-Kind: Color Slide

-Resolution: 1200

*Note 1: select Use Custom size and then you can

create a box around the slides that you see in the

overview (you can create several boxes to scan)

-Make sure to click on color restoration

(otherwise the color of your image will be weird)

*Note 2: Do not use the white background panel from scanner for the slides because otherwise you won’t see anything.

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