Enable Google Drive/Canvas Integration



You can submit assignments directly from your Middlebury Google Drive in Canvas via the integration tool. To use this functionality, enable the Google Drive integration in Canvas:

  1. Log out of any Google accounts. Then, login to your Middlebury account at http://go.middlebury.edu/googledrive.
  2. Navigate to your canvas account at http://go.middlebury.edu/canvas.
  3. Select one of your courses to set up the integration. You should only have to enable the integration once, then you can access your Drive in any course that has “Google Drive” in the course menu.
  4. Navigate to the course menu on the left and go down until you see “ Google Drive”, click that option. Note that not all instructors choose to have “Google Drive” in their course menus.
  5. An authorization message should appear —  scroll to the bottom and find the blue and white “Authorize” button and click it.
  6. If you have not already logged into Google, a Google log in window should pop up, please sign in with your Middlebury account. Once logged in, push “Allow” to allow Canvas to access to your Google Drive.
  7. Some users encounter problems enabling the integration. If you get an error message, or if everything seemed to work but the next time you click on “Google Drive” you are prompted to authorize the integration again, we recommend that you:
    1. Log out of Canvas
    2. Log out of ALL Google accounts
    3. Log into you Middlebury Google Apps account (this the only Google account that can be integrated with Canvas)
    4. Log back into Canvas and authorize the integration again
  8. After clicking “Allow”, any Google resources that you’ve created should appear. Note that Google resources owned by someone else that have been shared with you may not show up.
  9. To open and view files, please select the file and then click the blue and white “Open” button on the bottom of the box.
  10. When you submit an assignment, you will see that “Google Drive” is a submission option. Click it and you can select  your document and turn it in.