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As a newly-forming studio, we are cognizant of the opportunity to put inclusive design practices into action in the design of the studio itself. In particular, at this early stage of the studio, we’re focusing in particular on 3 practices highlighted by the Inclusive Design Research Centre in their terrific Inclusive Design Guide:

  1. Work Openly: “makes diverse participation possible, as those who wish to get involved and who have access to the content can learn and contribute.”
    • In action: we are committed to making our thinking and process visible via blog posts and Twitter (we are in the process of setting these communication channels up; stay tuned!)
  2. Collaborate: “We all bring our unique experiences, skills and talents to the table; as a result, working collaboratively ensures more diverse perspectives and therefore a more inclusive design process.”
    • In action: we are committed to reaching out to stakeholders in our institutional community and beyond in order to ensure that multiple perspectives are included in the process, and to ensure that we are supporting rather than duplicating existing diversity and inclusion efforts at the institution
  3. Integrate Accessibility from the Start: “Multiple modes of interaction and access are best considered from the beginning of the process.”
    • In action: we are committed to using accessible communication tools, and developing multiple pathways into content
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