DLC, Graduate Assistant: International Policy + Development (IPD), Spring 2019

Language of Study: Arabic

Email: jduncanpoole@miis.edu


Marhaban! Que lo Que?! Hola! Hey, my name is Ianthe, a current Miis student, and GA for the DLC! My goal is to better my Arabic + Spanish fluency. I was born in Chicago, IL, but I was raised in Houston, TX. I’ve always had a love for all things tech! In fact, I setup my first game counsel, Sega, by myself at the age of 5. I am excited to be in a position that will aide in my technological advancement.  

As, a creative, I’m naturally inclined to transform a regular presentation into an interactive experience of magical wonder and create a space where an audience walks away feeling both informed and entertained. I’m an artsy-fartsy type of soul who thrives on adding salt to blandness and adding cream to coffee; basically I like to jazz things up and take it from blah to BAAANG! 

I’m excited to work at the DLC and gain more knowledge from mypeers, coworkers, and professors in order to make the largest splash I can in my field upon graduation as well as soak up the new experiences and long-lasting friendships possible.