Inclusive Design Studio Projects

brick wall with graffiti that says Together We Create

Made for Whom? Critically Examining the Design Logic of Everyday Objects

old film camera on a white background with text about eventThis exhibition, which took place in April 2019 at MIIS and at Middlebury College, invited students, faculty, and staff to critically engage with the design history of everyday objects from the perspective of inclusive design. Visitors interacted with a series of everyday objects, learned about the object’s design history, and offered their thoughts on critical questions related to whom the design includes – and whom it excludes. The goal of the event was to raise awareness about inclusive design, and how it effects our everyday lives.

Digital Detox 2.0

The theme of the 2019 DLINQ Digital Detox was Inclusion and Bias in Digital Spaces. Via twice-weekly newsletters sent in January and early February, 2019, we shared concrete, small-move strategies for combating bias and increasing inclusion in our everyday, personal and professional digital spaces. Topics included: who is welcome online, data and digital redlining, radical listening, digital divides in higher ed, privacy and data security, and more. You can read all of the detoxes archived on the Digital Detox webpage.


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