Graduate Assistant 2017: International Environmental Policy

Language of Study: French

Undergraduate degree: Broadcast Journalism from the University of Oklahoma

Email: keburnett@miis.edu



Hi there, I am Kyle Burnett, an International Environmental Policy Masters student here at Middlebury with a language of focus in French. (Bonjour tout le monde!) I am originally from Oklahoma, but moved to Minnesota in high school before returning to my home state for university, now I find myself in California. I am really interested in music, and I  like to play guitar (but also piano!) Investing time into French has helped me open up my world considerably, I can’t express enough how formative understanding can be, when it isn’t your native tongue. Perspective truly makes a difference.

I have a fascination with the processes in the natural world, so cruising online, or reading articles about which volcanoes are erupting, endangered species and mass extinctions, or other topics related to the animal kingdom pique my interest. Then, on my nerdy side, I love Star Wars, astronomy, and video games.

As someone who plays music, creativity is one of my passions. I listen to a lot of alternative rock, jazz, funk, folk, and blues music. Let’s talk about it! I hope that with whatever you are pursuing, you have the passion to think outside the box in how new ideas can change the world. I also am an avid nature photographer and a published writer (newspaper). This biography feels a little like small talk, in a way, but I like the prospect of diving right into deep conversation.

With symbiosis, all parties involved will benefit. Let’s work together and make the world work a little better. We all have the power to be pioneers.


Thanks for reading,