Graduate Assistant: Masters in Translation and Localization Management, May 2017

Language of Study: Spanish

Email: ljobe@miis.edu

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-12-55-39-pmMy name is Lucy and I love creativity, innovation, and the Internet, so the DLC is my ideal workspace. I’m of the mind that technology and the Internet can not only make life more efficient, but also more enjoyable.

The most recent integration of technology into my life is the addition of storytelling podcasts into my routine. I’m an avid reader and writer, but I don’t always want to read after running on the beach. Enter podcasts, which allow me to enjoy stories on the go. My current favorites are Strangers, Call Your Girlfriend, and my tried and true favorite; The Moth.

There are many stories to be told at MIIS, so this year I will be helping the DLC with the Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project (IDSP) by guiding students through the various ways of telling stories about their experience with other cultures.

I’m at MIIS to study Spanish Translation and Localization Management. The Spanish part comes from studying the language for over 10 years and getting the opportunity to both study in Chile and work in Spain. The Localization part is new, but teaching me that there is a lot more work (and technology!) that goes into creating the global world than we think. I’m currently partial to Localization and want to build a career around creating digital content for women, by women, that address women’s issues around the world.

When not at the DLC or in class, I can usually be found laying out on the beach or learning about graphic design on my computer.