Mission Statement

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The Inclusive Design Studio at DLINQ is grounded in an ethic of care, an orientation toward equity, and a commitment to inclusive design practices. We seek to work in community with students, faculty, staff, and anyone interested in understanding and working toward addressing the needs of people who are marginalized by design in its many forms. As studio caretakers, we aspire to facilitate and engage in inclusive design through research, experimentation, practice, and open dialogue. We recognize that the concept of “inclusive design” is multifaceted, complex, and a process that must never end. The aim of the studio is to highlight issues of design inequity, and support and create conscientious designers across the spectrum of everyday life.

For the first year of the studio, our goals are to work in collaboration with students and faculty to build foundations in the following:

  • Raising awareness about the concept of inclusive design by profiling design injustices
  • Sharing inclusive design practices, tools, and processes
  • Co-designing inclusive digital products, platforms, and/or learning environments
  • Grow the Studio community

We intend for these goals to serve as small moves that build toward larger action in the future.

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