DLINQ Intern: M.A. International Education Management (2019)

Language of Study: Arabic

Email: nrazzaque@miis.edu

During my undergraduate career, I was lucky enough to study abroad for two years between Jordan and Italy where I explored the dynamics of migration, identities, and regional affairs in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. I graduated from the University of Richmond in Virginia with a B.A. in International Studies, Arabic, and minored in Women Gender and Sexuality Studies. Before MIIS, I worked as an AmeriCorps member at a resettlement agency in South Florida providing intensive cultural orientations in housing and health to refugees alongside increasing the capacity for refugee support via community partnerships.

I am passionate about dynamic social change, the fight for equity, diversity and inclusion issues, intersectionality and am always exploring creative ways to bridge gaps and bring people together. My identities as a Muslim woman and a Bangladeshi-American inform my experiences and interests in the global world. As a DLINQ intern, I am keen to explore creative and innovative storytelling through multimedia production as well as examining the role and influence of emerging technology in low-income and/or disadvantaged educational settings.

To distract me from the existential crises of globalization, capitalism, and general human cruelty, I like to drown in unrealistic TV, go on nature adventures, laugh, cook, overeat and repeat.

Visit Noraya at DLINQ for help with:

Basic Multimedia Production • iMovie • Final Cut Pro • Audacity
Presentation & Graphic Design • Powerpoint • Prezi • Canva
Online Presence • WIX • Weebly
Suites • Microsoft • Google • Word • Slides
Operating Systems • Mac • Microsoft




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