Resources for Making a WordPress.com Site

The following are a video with the accompanying worksheet and directions for how to set up a brand new website from scratch on wordpress.com. There is also information about copyright considerations and a link on more information about cybersecurity and privacy.



Click this link to download the PDF: WORKSHEET: Start Your WordPress Site

Transcription and Directions

Click this link to download the PDF: WordPress.com Setup Instructions

Mobile App

You can also make your website using the WordPress mobile app. Find it in your App store. Install. Open.

Create a new site.

Fill in the information using the fields from your worksheet.

Refer to the numbers on your worksheet for each field.

This video may be helpful. You only need to watch until 1:01.

Copyright Considerations

Keep in mind that any media you use on your website, such as images or music, must be copyright/fair use compliant. To search for copyright-safe media, you can use resources such as:


  • Creative Commons resources are shared via different CC licenses. These licenses determine whether you can use resources freely, with or without attribution, whether they can be adapted, etc. You can filter your search by a specific license, and licensing information is included with every Creative Commons resource.


  • Images can be used freely — attribution recommended.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

See this page for links to more information on Cybersecurity and Privacy.

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