Scanning in the Library


Wilson Media Lab: Flat bed document scanners are currently installed in the Media Lab on some of our Mac computers. We have a large format scanner attached to Wilson 15.

Carrels outside the lab: more scanners are attached to some of the Mac and PC computers. These scanners are open for use at any time.

Photocopier/Scanners: Library photocopies can also be used as scanners. See instructions posted at each copier.

Scanning to a Mac Using Image Capture

To scan:

  • Launch the “Image Capture” Application
  • Place the item(s) you want to scan on the scanner bed, using the little page icon as a guide for where to place the item.
  • Click either the Overview or Scan button.
  • If you need to, change some of the default options on the Image Capture dialog box. Options include:
    • Change Resolution to: 300 dpi
    • Auto selection options include: Detect Enclosing Box option to include all the items on the scanner bed in one image or Detect Separate Items option to have scanned objects. Each item will be stored in a separate file.
    • Scan to: Preferably to Desktop
    • Select the appropriate format for your needs. Additional information about image file types can be found here.
    • For scanning multiple items into one PDF Folder, make sure to check the box to “combine into single document” in case of PDF.
  • Click” Scan” to scan, and then email the file  to yourself!

If you need help with any of this, don’t hesitate to ask one of the DLINQ Interns on duty in the Wilson Media Lab.

Click here to view a printable version of this guide



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