Screen Recording Resources

You may want to record your screen if you need a narrated PowerPoint, you want to record a Skype call, you’re creating a guided tutorial, and more. There are several different ways you can record your screen. Here are a few.

***Note, if you are using one of these resources to expertly record a conversation with someone else, please make sure you let the person you’re talking with know you’re recording it.***

Option 1: Panopto

One way to record your screen is using Panopto, which is an option available to the Middlebury community. First, log into Panopto using your Middlebury credentials. Then in the upper right near your name, click Download Panopto, and choose the Panopto Installer for your operating system. Install the program, open it, and follow the steps outlined in the video below.

Option 2: Zoom

Another Middlebury option for recording your screen is using Zoom. First, log into Zoom using your Middlebury credentials. In the upper right, choose Host a Meeting, either with video on or off, as you choose. If this is your first time using Zoom, download and install the Zoom application. If prompted, choose, Open zoom.us, and then choose the green button, Join Audio Conference by Computer. Invite others to join, if you are recording a conversation with someone. Hover over your Zoom window, and at the bottom right, choose Record > Record on this Computer. Choose Record Screen. When you’re done, click End the Meeting, and your recording will automatically be saved to your computer.

Option 3: Camtasia

Another easy way to record (and then edit) a screen recording is to use Camtasia (available on the computers in the Digital Learning Commons in Monterey). Camtasia is an easy-to-use enhanced screen capture software that allows you to record your voice, your screen, part of the screen, etc. You can use it to record Skype calls, narrate a PowerPoint or Prezi, or to create an instructional video. If you are in Middlebury, or otherwise can’t come to the DLC, you can download and use Camtasia as a free trial.

(Note: the video below is a demonstration of how you might use Camtasia to record the Skype call, and then edit the audio in Audacity. Settings may be different, depending on your computer and setup.)

Option 4: Quicktime

An easy and free way to record your screen is using Quicktime (if you have a Mac). On your computer, launch QuickTime Player and choose File→New Screen Recording (the keyboard shortcut is Control, Command, N). The program will instruct you from there. Make sure you have your speakers on in order to record the voice of the other person.

* Option 5: For Recording a Skype Call Only *

Call Recorder for Skype

Call Recorder integrates with your Skype app, and lets you choose whether you want to record as you see it, with your faces side-by-side, or just one person. You can start off with a free trial; the software costs a little over $30.

For more information on recording Skype calls, check out this blog, or this one.

Other Tools to Try


  • Keynote
  • Movenote
  • iMovie
  • iPad Apps
    • Doceri (free)
    • Explain Everything
    • Screen Chomp (free)


  • Jing (free)
  • Capture Fox (free)
  • Movenote (free)
  • BB flashback express (free)
  • CamStudio (free)
  • Webinaria (free)
  • Powerpoint (certain versions)