DLINQ Intern: Translation and Localization Management

Language of Study: English

Email: tianxingt@miis.edu

Location: Monterey Campus

I love MIIS! I love DLINQ! I love cultural diversity and positive energy! I was born in China where I first got interested in media through my love of challenging herself and communicating with people. I am sensitive to sounds since I have played the Chinese zither for many years.

I completed my undergraduate studies in English Literature and Language at Zhejiang University, and then I went to London to do my first M.A. in Multimedia Journalism (Broadcast) at the University of Westminster. During that period, I made some radio and video documentaries and won some awards luckily. Being a multimedia storyteller is always my goal, so I would love to share my experience and help you with multimedia production. I really value the opportunity to work at the Digital Learning Commons (DLC) which is also a creative space for you to explore digital and emerging technologies.

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