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Just as faculty and administrators are learning about and navigating the generative AI landscape, so too are students. Communicating with your students about generative AI within the context of your class and beyond can help students develop critical skills and mindsets that will guide them use those tools effectively and appropriately. This communication should start with a clear statement in the course syllabus about appropriate and inappropriate uses of generative AI in the course. But a syllabus statement alone may not go far enough. Talk regularly with students about their learning, about the role these tools may play in their work and learning, and how to approach these tools critically. Through thoughtful dialogue, you can help students understand the responsible and ethical application of AI in academic work and beyond.

Course conversations on generative AI

At the start of the semester, talk with your students about your course policy on generative AI and why that’s your course policy. Consider leading a class activity that encourages students to think about generative AI in the context of the course learning goals and their own learning. Throughout the semester, as students begin work on major assignments, revisit the appropriate and inappropriate uses of generative AI for those assignments and talk with students about why those specific uses are appropriate or inappropriate, focusing on course learning goals and student learning. We also recommend discussing any uses of generative AI after an assessment, asking students “what worked with the generative AI tools you used?” and “what didn’t work so well?”