DLINQ Video Playlists

Below are recommended video playlists for some of the common technologies and pedagogical approaches that support online teaching and learning. For more information about specific technology tools, check out our Toolshed & Tutorials webpage. For more information about pedagogical strategies, check out our Teach Remotely webpage and Online Course Design Rubric.

Video playlists on this page include the following topics:

  • Active Teaching and Learning in Zoom
  • Advanced Canvas
  • Creating a Canvas Discussion Forum
  • Creating Effective Discussions
  • Faculty Online Course Design Showcase
  • Learner Engagement
  • Screen Recording with Panopto
  • SpeedGrader / Quizzes / Assessments
  • Teaming Online
  • Using Zoom

Advanced Canvas Video Playlist

Review the full list of Canvas Video Guides available from Instructure

Review the full list of Design Tools for Canvas Video Guides available from Cidi Labs


Creating a Canvas Discussion Forum Video Playlist

  1. Video: Introduction
  2. Video: Creating a Discussion Forum in Canvas (Canvas video)
  3. Video: Ensuring Your Discussions Are Inclusive
  4. Video: Creating a Group Discussion
  5. Video: Grading a Discussion Forum
  6. Video: Creating a Peer Review Discussion Forum

Sample Course Site – Student-view Sandbox

The Canvas course site that is used in these videos as an example can also be used by workshop participants to get a student-centered view of different discussion forum options. Use this link to self-enroll as a student in the course.


Creating Effective Discussions Video Playlist

  1. Discussion Modalities
  2. Staging Discussions and Roles
  3. Effective Peer Feedback
  4. See also: Creating a Canvas Discussion Forum on this webpage

Faculty Online Course Design Showcase Video Playlist

These videos were recorded during a live session on February 9, 2021. During the session, Dr. Jason Mittell (FMMC), Dr. Louisa Burnham (History), Dr. Katherine Punteney (IEM), and Dr. Louisa Stein (FMMC), shared the strategies they used to design their online and hybrid courses, and showed how these strategies were implemented in their course sites.

  1. Dr. Jason Mittell
  2. Dr. Louisa Burnham
  3. Dr. Katherine Punteney
  4. Dr. Louisa Stein

Additional Resources

Middlebury Online Course Design Rubric

Camp Design Online


Screen Recording with Panopto Video Playlist

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Up a Course Hub Folder 
  3. How to record a video
    1. Mac 
    2. PC
  4. Embedding a video in Canvas (New RCE–instructions begin at 19:38)

Additional Resources


SpeedGrader / Quizzes / Assessments Video Playlist

Additional Resources


Using Zoom Video Playlist

  1. Using Zoom at Middlebury
    • Video Includes:
      • Finding your Zoom Room Link (timestamp :21)
      • Download Zoom Desktop Client (timestamp :59)
      • Getting set up with Zoom (timestamp 1:51)
      • Zoom security features (timestamp 2:35)
      • Adjusting Zoom Settings in Desktop Client (timestamp 3:16)
      • Adjusting Zoom Settings in Web Portal (timestamp 3:32)
      • Using Zoom in Canvas (timestamp 5:05)
  2. Scheduling a Zoom Meeting
  3. Joining a Zoom Meeting
  4. Meeting Controls
  5. Scheduling a Meeting with Google Calendar
  6. Scheduling a Meeting with Outlook
  7. Configuring Audio and Video
  8. Recording a Zoom Session
  9. Sharing Your Screen
  10. Sharing Multiple Screens Simultaneously
  11. Using Breakout Rooms
  12. Using Virtual Backgrounds
  13. Zoom Closed Captioning
  14. Language Interpretation in Meetings and Webinars
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