Intermediate Arabic

Project summary

Prof. Kerstin Wilsch, Jordan School Abroad

Guiding question: What are the reasons people choose to leave their country for an extended period of time, and what challenges do they face in leaving?


Students had the opportunity to apply what they learned during the semester in a storytelling project using StoryMaps. They created their content in Arabic. Students developed a persona focused on someone who has decided to migrate / leave their country for a period of time. Students determined the reasons for the decision to leave (from deliberately choosing to study or work in another country, to being forced to migrate for economic or security reasons, anything was possible). The instructor provided mini-assignments throughout the semester, through which students added content about their persona and their migration experiences to their StoryMaps. Students began by crafting a letter to a fictional friend in the persona’s voice, explaining why they were leaving and what challenges they expected to face.