Explore your Environmental Advocacy with AI: a TechKitchen for the Climate Change/AI Create-a-Thon

Wilson Media Lab, Davis Family Library 110 Storrs Ave, Middlebury, VT, United States

Step into the forefront of innovation and activism with our Climate Change/AI Create-a-thon, perfectly timed during Earth Week. Join us for an immersive TechKitchen experience where we dive deep into the fusion of AI and environmental advocacy. Led by the DLINQ Interns, each specializing in a distinct facet of AI innovation, we will explore a

AI Prompting Basics


Prompting matters. How you and your students interact with generative AI can have a big impact on how useful those tools are for supporting learning. This workshop introduces approaches to prompting and gives participants a chance to try prompting techniques in a hands-on way. We’ll also discuss how to teach students about prompting, and strategies

Digital Teaching & Learning Fellows Showcase

Wilson Media Lab (VT), Digital Learning Commons CA), and online

Join us for a session featuring presentations and informal conversations with the current Digital Teaching & Learning Fellows about their projects, offering insights and inspiration for your own teaching practices. Interact with several projects firsthand and celebrate the culmination of the 2023-2024 Digital Teaching and Learning Fellowship with light snacks provided. This is a hybrid