Generative AI and Education

Generative AI has been positioned as a disruptive force for education and beyond, as faculty, staff, and students grapple with the implications for the use of generative AI in their teaching, learning, and work.

Join us this year as we explore AI’s impact on Middlebury with resources and events.

An AI-generated image showing a 1950s-style robot in a suite holding a laptop. The word data with an exclamation point is in a speech bubble.

Instructor Support

The intersection of teaching, learning, and technology is an increasingly complex and varied space. DLINQ provides instructional designers, 1-on-1 consultations, professional development, and resources to support instructors at Middlebury.

Online Learning

DLINQ provides the strategic guidance, course development support, and infrastructure needed for Middlebury instructors and programs to pursue high-quality credit and non-credit online asynchronous courses.

Academic Software

The amount of software available for teaching and learning continues to expand at a impressive rate. DLINQ can help guide you to vetted options that are safe and reliable.

Digital Projects

Want to do something different with technology? DLINQ provides support for a variety of digital projects. We have expertise in interactive multimedia, digital workflows, etc.

Student Support

DLINQ provides spaces and interns to support students.