The goal of the Digital Teaching & Learning Fellowship is to continue to provide faculty with the funds, expert support, and peer-community necessary to build on the new skills and knowledge they developed over the last several years of pandemic learning.

Fellowship Goals

Digital Teaching & Learning Fellows will explore digital learning research and practice, gain technical skills, engage in reflective practice in a community of peers, and implement their project in their course, with support from DLINQ staff.

In the first semester of the fellowship, faculty will work closely with DLINQ staff and their cohort of peers to design their project. The goal of the second semester is to implement their design in a course and iterate that design based on input from students, with ongoing support from DLINQ staff and their cohort of peers.

Learn more about the Fellowship and see current and past fellows here.

This fellowship is not intended to replace our online course design process. If you are interested in designing a fully online course, please contact DLINQ.