DLINQ Labs include the Wilson Media Lab in Middlebury, VT, and Digital Learning Commons in Monterey, CA. Drop-in support is available in both labs during specified hours, and scheduled consultations may take place in the labs as well.

About our Labs

DLINQ Interns are in the labs in both Monterey, CA, and in Middlebury, VT, to provide assistance to students, faculty and staff on their multimedia work. Please see the areas below for more details such as hours of operation and locations on campus.


Drop in if you have a quick question, if you want to practice using a particular piece of software, or if you are independently working on a project that you might need help with from time to time during the process.


Schedule a consultation if you prefer dedicated one-on-one time to receive more individualized tutoring in a specific program or operation.

Software Programs Available

Our first-come, first-served computers run the Mac operating system. They are all connected to the Internet and loaded with applications such as: The Adobe Creative Suite (including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier, Dreamweaver, and more), Audacity, Zoom, Microsoft Office, iMovie, Keynote, and more.

Wilson Media Lab

Middlebury, VT

Wilson Media Lab, Middlebury, VT

The Wilson Media Lab is located on the main floor of the Davis Family Library in room 220.

The lab was redesigned in 2015 and now offers collaborative work space in flexible seating arrangements with a variety of projection selections for small and large group instruction and group work. In addition, the lab houses a variety of digitization equipment. The lab is also sometimes used for library instruction and workshops.

Wilson Media Lab

Davis Family Library, Middlebury, VT

Usually staffed by DLINQ Interns during these hours:

Monday 10am – 6pm ET
Tuesday 10am – 4pm ET
Wednesday 10am – 6pm ET
Thursday 10am – 4pm ET
Friday 12pm – 4pm ET
Saturday closed
Sunday 12pm – 4pm ET

Digital Learning Commons

Monterey, CA

Digital Learning Commons

The Digital Learning Commons (DLC) is in the McGowan Building on the Monterey campus. There are three spaces that make up the DLC: the Design Space, the Learning Lab, and the Co-working Suite.

Design Sp@ce

The Design Sp@ce is available to reserve for classes, workshops, projects, and special events. Or if you need a quiet place to study, feel free to come by anytime and hang out with us and/or use our computers. The Design space is located at 420 Calle Principal, which is also McGowan 001. You can reach us by entering McGowan on Pacific Street and heading to the right (around the back of McGowan 102). Or you can also enter at 420 Calle Principal, straight into the open teaching and learning area.

Digital Learning Commons, Monterey, CA

Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is on the first floor of McGowan, and you can reach it by entering McGowan on Pacific Street and heading to the right (around the back of McGowan 102). You can also enter at 420 Calle Principal and go up the stairs.​ This is where Monterey-based DLINQ staff and Interns take appointments. This is also where full-time DLINQ staff member, Mark Basse takes up residence.

DLC Learning Lab Schedule

Monterey, CA

Staffed by DLINQ Interns during these hours:

Monday 10am - 5:00pm PT
Tuesday 10am - 5:00pm PT
Wednesday 10am - 5:00pm PT
Thursday 10am - 5:00pm PT
Friday 10am - 5:00pm PT
Saturday closed
Sunday closed

Recording booths

We have two recording booths—a red one and a blue one—equipped with Mac computers, high-quality microphones and software including:

  • Audacity audio recording and editing software
  • Camtasia multimedia screen capture and editing software
  • iMovie video editing software
  • Internet Access for web conferencing calls and events
Middlebury DLC Coworking Suite Monterey CA

Co-working Suite

The Co-working Suite is MG 220 and has full-time DLINQ staff offices for Bob Cole and Amy Slay. This is also where you can find a video studio recording space, available by request.

Photo Credits:

Header photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash