Student Consultations

DLINQ Interns consult with students on digital projects for academic and student activity work. Consultation requests can include but are not limited to:

  • discovery phase project strategies
  • software recommendations
  • design feedback
  • how to get un-stuck while in the development phase

We also meet with students to consult and evaluate AI tools for their academic and extra-curricular work. Use the form below to request a consultation with a DLINQ Intern.

Instructor Consultations

Professors seeking assistance with their course assignments or workshops for their students should use this form.

Intern Consultation

Wilson Media Lab

A view of the Wilson Media Lab. Chairs and computers line the outside of the room. Moveable furniture is in the center with chairs and some round tables.The Wilson Media Lab is dedicated to supporting student discovery and development of digital, data, and information literacies. Prioritized activities include: DLINQ intern support, research instruction, data support sessions for DSAD and data labs, digital/data workshops, and more activities planned and managed by DLINQ, Library, and It is located on the main floor of the Davis Family Library in room 220. The lab offers collaborative work space in flexible seating arrangements with a variety of projection selections for small- and large-group instruction and group work.

Wilson Media Lab Schedule

For help with coursework and projects please request a DLINQ Intern Consultation in the form above. Drop-in hours in the Wilson Media Lab are available while courses are in session, and are posted after the Add/Drop period of each term. Drop-in hours are limited during exams, and are not available during breaks and intersessions, however you may still visit the lab on your own while the Davis Family Library is open.

Bob Cole and a number of individuals sit around a large table with a computer monitor at the DLC.

Digital Learning Commons

The Digital Learning Commons (DLC) is located in the McGowan building on the Monterey campus. The DLC includes: the Peer Learning Lab, Media Booths, and the Design Space. The Peer Learning Lab is accessed by entering McGowan off Pacific Street, then heading straight and to the right (around the back of McGowan 102).

DLC Spaces

DLC Media Booths

The two networked media-recording booths are equipped with Apple computers, high-quality microphones, headphones and multimedia software, including:

  • Audio recording and editing software
  • Screen capture and video editing tools
  • Cloud-based video storage
  • Web conferencing

Media booths may be reserved in 60 minute blocks by submitting a consultation request or drop-in basis if not reserved.

DLC Design Space

The Design Space, located in McGowan below the DLC Peer Learning Lab, is available to reserve for classes, workshops, team meetings, and community events. The “dSpace” is also available as a quiet place to study or for informal collaborative groupwork when it is not reserved. Drop by or use the room reserve system to submit a request for group use. Check the availability of this space through the Institute’s room reserve system. There are two ways to enter this space:

  • through the McGowan building off Pacific Street, then head to the right (around the back to McGowan 102)
  • Directly from the street at 420 Calle Principal

DLC Hours

To schedule an appointment, use the form at the top of this page.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am-11am PT drop-in drop-in drop-in drop-in drop-in
11am-12pm PT drop-in drop-in drop-in drop-in drop-in
12pm-1pm PT drop-in drop-in drop-in drop-in drop-in
1pm-2pm PT by appt. only by appt. only by appt. only by appt. only by appt. only
2pm-3pm PT by appt. only by appt. only by appt. only by appt. only by appt. only
3pm-4pm PT by appt. only by appt. only by appt. only by appt. only by appt. only
4pm-5pm PT by appt. only by appt. only by appt. only by appt. only by appt. only