Digital Detox is an initiative that helps participants reflect on and re-evaluate the role technology plays in their lives, with the aim of reducing the toxicity and harms brought on by technology. Participants receive email newsletters during the month of January. The detox newsletters include reflections, helpful resources, and strategies to take action.

A screenshot of the Demystifying AI site.

Demystifying AI: Digital Detox 2024

Feeling like generative AI is everywhere, but beyond your grasp? Get past the hype and get hands on with generative AI in the 2024 DLINQ Digital Detox. This Detox will be a little different from previous Detoxes. Rather than writing articles on topics related to generative AI, we will be guiding YOU through activities that help you explore and understand these tools. You’ll be encouraged to try the activities, reflect on them, and share what you did with others.

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A screenshot of the Digital Futures website.

Imagining Alternate Futures for the Digital: Digital Detox 2023

The 6th annual Digital Detox will focus on Imagining Alternate Futures for the Digital: Finding hope in hopeless times. This theme emerges from our own experiences with burnout and hopelessness–feelings that are deepened when we look at the role technology can play in perpetuating harm, abuse, extraction, and exploitation. It can be difficult to see alternate possibilities that activate our hope for the future and energize our work.

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A screenshot of the Digital Detox site that was focused on energy usage.

Digital Technologies & the Environment: Digital Detox 2022

Through this detox, we’ll share what we learn in ways that invite others to reflect on the impact of their technology use on the environment. We will turn often to climate experts to help us make sense of our wonderings and questions. We will also look to you, our participants, to share your expertise on these topics. We invite you to join us on these ventures into the intersections and impacts of technology and digital learning on environmental issues and action, and to share your thoughts.

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