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This page is designed to help Middlebury instructors connect to the basic technology infrastructure at Middlebury.

If you have taught at Middlebury before, you may be able to skip some steps, but we do recommend that you progress through the resources in sequence so that you don’t miss anything.

Get your credentials

You must activate your Middlebury account before you can access Middlebury network services like wifi and email. Middlebury protects your accounts by requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Connect to wifi

MiddleburyCollege is Middlebury’s secure wireless network.

Instructors and students authenticate using their Middlebury email address and password.

Access your email

Email is the standard messaging method on the Middlebury campus so it is your responsibility to monitor your email messages for communications. You can access your email using a web browser, or you can configure your desktop client. You will need your Middlebury username and password to login.

Connect to Google & Office 365

Middlebury supports both Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s Apps for Education. These services provide online file storage and tools for media creation, publishing, and collaboration.

Access BannerWeb

BannerWeb is the primary administrative and student information system at Middlebury. Bannerweb is the data source for official student and course record-keeping where faculty:

  • Obtain a list of students and e-mail addresses for each course taught
  • View the web catalog to verify course information
  • Record final grades for the registrar

Teaching Resources

Now that you have access to the basic technology you need to function at Middlebury, we can start to explore the teaching resources available.