AI Prompting Basics

Workshop description

Prompting matters. How you and your students interact with generative AI can have a big impact on how useful those tools are for supporting learning. This workshop introduces approaches to prompting and gives participants a chance to try prompting techniques in a hands-on way. We’ll also discuss how to teach students about prompting, and strategies for building prompting support into assignments that use generative AI.

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Workshop slides

The slide deck from the workshop with lots of linked examples

The Mollick Prompt Library

An AI prompt resource created by Ethan Mollick and Lilach Mollick to support instructors and students using AI in the classroom.

It's not magic, it's math

A module created as part of DLINQ's Demystifying AI series focused on how LLMs work. It includes includes some prompt scaffolding and has a prompting activity you can submit.