Digital Storytelling with ArcGIS StoryMaps

Workshop description

At this session, we’ll walk through the basics of working with ArcGIS StoryMaps, share examples and resources, and discuss how to set up StoryMaps groups and create Collections. We’ll also discuss how students can take their StoryMaps with them when they leave Middlebury. While StoryMaps can incorporate actual maps, it is also, at its most basic, simply a great platform for sharing out stories and research, whether fiction or nonfiction. The platform is built on easy-to-use templates and themes, and allows you to quickly incorporate multiple media into a comprehensive story. It also allows you to control who sees a story (an individual, a private group, Middlebury at large, or the world at large). You can set up a private group just for your class, and even pull your class’s individual StoryMaps together into a Collection. Bring your digital storytelling activities, ideas, and questions with you!

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