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Tuesday, June 21, 2022
10:00-11:00 am Pacific / 1:00-2:00 pm Eastern

Online via Zoom

Join us for an exploration of mapping and map-making as activities for learning across disciplines. We’ll begin with an introduction to the power of mapping and the different skill sets it embodies; share some different tools that can be used for mapping and map storytelling (from low-tech offline tools to high-tech online ones); discuss resources for finding existing mapping data; and share some examples of mapping activities in action. We’ll then divide up into small groups in breakout rooms to brainstorm some new mapping activities using your group’s tool of choice, before coming back together to share our ideas and questions. This session is open to all. The bulk of our time will be spent brainstorming and sharing ideas.

For those new to mapping, some of the skill sets it embodies include:

  • Critical thinking (e.g., how do I identify and choose data sets for my map, what might the data on this map tell me about this place or about the people who live there, what does the data on this map show me over time, how might the data on this map be biased)
  • Interdisciplinarity (e.g., by layering data sets from multiple disciplines or time periods on a map, by showing relationships between people and places)
  • Digital storytelling
  • Spatial thinking / awareness (spatial thinking plays a role in activities ranging from understanding language and art, to geography and geoscience, to scientific modeling, geometry, astronomy, etc.)
  • Data visualization
  • Bias awareness (maps are not neutral / ahistorical / apolitical)

Mapping also offers opportunities to:

  • Connect global or big-picture issues and ideas to local communities
  • Personalize and humanize learning
  • Visualize learning
  • Communicate learning

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