Tom Woodward

Director of Learning Spaces and Technologies

Pronouns: He/him
Office location: Remote
A photograph of Tom Woodward.

As Director of Learning Spaces and Technologies, Tom is involved in a range of projects and activities at the intersection of learning, technology, and community. In addition to overseeing the management of academic software and learning spaces, Tom provides support for and custom development work for a variety of web tools and platforms including Canvas, WordPress, and Google Drive. He also contributes to conversations about accessibility, emerging teaching practices, and seeks opportunities to create experiences that further enhance the student learning experience in face-to-face, hybrid or online environments.


A screenshot of the Pask Lab website. Pask Lab

This site was created to showcase the work done by the Greg Pask and the undergraduate researchers in the Pask Lab. The site is a custom WordPress theme designed based on Greg’s interest in comics. The site is hosted on MiddCreate.

A screenshot of the Econ Portal site. Econ Portal

This site was developed in collaboration with David Munro to host tutorials created for the Economics Department. This WordPress-based site enables sophisticated searching and templating to enable easy and consistent authoring.

A screenshot of the Anti-Racism hub website. Anti-Racism Hub

This is a custom WordPress theme designed with Middlebury’s anti-racism task force to share community-submitted resources. The design uses VTC Martin as the font for titles which is a typeface inspired by the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968.

A screenshot of the Diverting Hate website and logo. Diverting Hate

DLINQ assisted in the initial website creation and logo design. This project moved off MiddCreate after the students graduated and successfully pursued a grant to expand the project. That’s one of the great things about the platform, you can use it to get started for free and then transfer your content as the project grows or you move on to other things.

A screenshot of the MetaLab Learn Excel website and logo. Learn Excel

A custom WordPress theme created in collaboration with META Lab to house Excel tutorials. The theme is focused on easy and consistent authoring.