Dr. Sonja Burrows

Instructional Designer

Pronouns: She/her
Office location: Middlebury College, Vermont
Photo of Sonja Burrows.

As a member of the Digital Pedagogy and Media team, Sonja leads instructional design projects and collaborations centering around online course development with faculty and programs across Middlebury. In this capacity she has collaborated on courses and projects spanning a multitude of content areas over her years at Middlebury, but brings particular expertise to collaborations focused on language pedagogy and cultural immersion. Sonja holds advanced degrees in English, Spanish, and language teaching, and has a strong background in linguistics, language acquisition, and language learning content development.

Areas of Expertise: Language Pedagogy; Second Language Acquisition; Language Curriculum Development; Digital Language Learning; Immersive Language Learning; the Gamification of Language Learning; Course Development in the LMS/Canvas; Community of Practice Design; Bilingualism and Code-Switching; Spanish Heritage Language Pedagogy; Systems Thinking; Proficiency-Based Learning; Project-Based Learning; Task-Based Learning; Writing and Research