Joe Antonioli

Senior Curricular Innovation Strategist

Pronouns: He/him
Office location: Middlebury College, Vermont - Davis Family Library 214
A portrait of Joe Antonioli.

I think critically about the implementation of technology for academic work so that I can help others understand their relationship with technology, while encouraging them to discover and develop their own authentic voice. I devote a good portion of my personal time to participating in and developing the a cappella community, and take the opportunity to disconnect from digital tech while lending an extra set of hands to my family’s farm market and orchard.

Areas of Expertise: Extended Realities (Virtual, Augmented, Mixed, others); Intra-media and Inter-media; Audio and Voice Technologies,;Distance Communication/Collaboration; Interdisciplinary Studies; Technology Evaluation; Instantiating, Transitioning, and Decommissioning Services; Digital Equity