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APR. 23/25 Made for Whom? Critically Examining the Design Logic of Everyday Objects MORE

APR. 26 Middlebury XR Expo

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We have experts in instructional design & pedagogy, multimedia, blogging & web tools, animation, learning space design, and more. Request a consultation if you have questions about integrating digital tools into your class, or if you want to explore pedagogical opportunities that involve digital practices and spaces. A consultation is the best way to get started with DLINQ, especially if you're interested in doing a project with us.


Digital Detox 2: Safe(r) social media practices

by Amy Collier, Associate Provost for Digital Learning Social media platforms collect a lot of data about us. They have…

Digital Detox 1: Mindful social media practices

[This post was sent as a newsletter to our Digital Detox participants. We will post all Digital Detox newsletters to this…

MiddCreate Spotlight: Tom Dils

MiddCreate is an initiative at Middlebury that offers faculty, staff, and students their own subdomain spaces and easy installation of open-source…

Complex knitting and critical instructional design: A problem-solving mindset

Fair warning: this is a little bit about wool. About textiles created with this natural fiber, using one’s hands accompanied by small tools to twist and combine long strands of it into complex shapes and patterns to be worn, wrapped, layered.

MiddCreate Spotlight: Briana Garrett

Welcome back to MiddCreate Spotlight, a new blog series hosted by the Office of Digital Learning. In this series, we will highlight one MiddCreate site at regular intervals on our blog.

Exploring mis/disinformation on Pinterest

I am going to walk you through a little exercise to show how quickly mis/disinformation gets spread on the social…

Students and critical instructional design

Being someone interested in exploring the potential of technology and digital tools to create positive change in the world, I…

Critical Thinking in Language Teaching: A Rumination

Having spent a series of jam-packed days last week at Music City Center in Nashville at the annual convention of…

Attending to the information environment of the web: A call to action at Middlebury

Imagine this scenario: A toxic sludge has infiltrated Otter Creek, the river that runs through the heart of the town…